Finalizing Hart van Zuid

Today it finally happened, the final presentations of the students who worked on Hart van Zuid. The two groups of students presented the final plans.

Research, done by our interns, about where to place the information center shows that 55% of the people in and around Zuidplein thought it was a good idear to place an information center about the activities in the neighborhood and 28% of the people think it is a bad idee, overall they interviewed 230.

The first group to persent there work was Ishmael (our intern) with his colleagues Romano and Harlochan. Ishmael as project leader and translator to the client in this project. In Harlochan was the technical designer, the project was based on the design by Romano.

IMG_6462 IMG_6476 IMG_6478 IMG_6484 IMG_6494 IMG_6496

The secound group with Youri (our other intern) Ibrahim and Rab made a heart-shaped building which will make the sound of a beating heart. The project was based on the design by Ibrahim, Rab was the technical designer and Youri was like Ishmael the translation to clients and project leader.

IMG_6504 IMG_6508IMG_6510 IMG_6514 IMG_6516 IMG_6548 IMG_6546 IMG_6544 IMG_6540 IMG_6538 IMG_6534 IMG_6530

Since this was the last meeting with the students and the client we had a feedback round. And these ar the results:

The students find the project very hard, but also instructive. Although HT students actually want to do something other than work in aconstruction company, they have learned a lot in this project. Especially the construction students recognized that it is a good opportunity to build their portfolio.

Two students want to become an architect and had the opportunity to work on there portfolio this way, although the other students wanted to learn technical drawing.

One of the things they still have to improve, and also want to, is communication and structured work. The as a tip for the next time the client will do a project like this is to define the task more. The tip for the future construction students would be: if you do a project like this chose a peaceful internship, because this project falls next to the internship.

All in all, the students thought the project was even better than expected and very instructive.