Rotterdam Viert de Stad the beginning of the end (in a good way)

As you most likely know in January we started a project in collaboration with ProArtDesign. Last week we had a meeting with Edith from ProArtDesign and te students to finalise the project so it can be showed at the schouwburgplein.

Below you can see a photo impression of this afternoon:

IMG_6386 IMG_6399 IMG_6405 IMG_6407

Above you see images of the students, Edith, Nynke and teachers. And below images of the works of a view students. (Next to the work of the students there will be a picture shown of the new born baby of one of our students David, David congratulations with your baby!)

IMG_6389 IMG_6401 IMG_6408 IMG_6419 IMG_6424 IMG_6426 IMG_6434 IMG_6435 IMG_6444 IMG_6447

Working on Rotterdam Viert de Stad was very exiting and energising. We will be happy to see the end result on the baby and have a festive exit, we hope it will be presented on the 18th of June, so if you like to see the work, keep checking this blog and we will post the right date when we know!