The whole Patchingzone

In the last view weeks we have been meeting up with the other Patching Zone department. To talk about workshops and getting to know each other.

IMG_6167 IMG_6169

We are working on a workshop in 360° video. The first meeting we’ve been talking about what the interests are in the group.

Because we work with the other part of the Patching Zone we would like to introduce the team to you as well. The Zoetermeer team consists of 3 young professionals João, Matias and last but not least Emilie:

João, João studied Multimedia and Sound Design, specialising in Sound for Movies, and Music Production, and teaching students in Portugal. He is also a musician and works on several music projects. His favourite place to be is in a music studio.  He recently moved to the Netherlands and is curious about the impact of technology in our daily lives: “I’m a Sound Designer, so I love working with sound and music. I am also into finding new things we can do with technology.”

Matias, Matias studied choreography, theatre and filmmaking at SNDO, university for choreography and performance art in Amsterdam. In his own words “ In my artistic practice I use technology as inspiration tool to create new analogic mechanism of attention. I’m inspired by how social media, video games and cinema are creating new ways to emphasize how we relate to each other. Through understanding the affect of technology I create performances that question the social encounter that theatre brings and create new ways that live can be experienced. For example in my piece, Funerals, welcome, in which cinematic montage becomes a game for the audience where they face the walls and view the performance through a mirror.”

Emilie, Emilie studied Literary theory at Leiden University (BA) before moving on to the more practical field of interaction and user experience design at the Hogeschool Rotterdam. She is interested in psychology, sociology and the impact design can have on people’s lives, such as in healthcare, sustainability or the cultural sector: “I’m a user experience researcher and designer. I’m curious about people, how they think and what they need in order to have a better quality of life. I am also interested in the different ways in which technology affects the way we behave in society.”