Hart van Zuid

Again we have a nice assignment from a client. We will be working with “Hart van Zuid” (which translate to: heart from south). February 5th all the students met in theater Zuidplein for a project kickoff with the people from Ballast Nedam the construction group of the Hart van Zuid project.

To show a how the kickoff went we have a short introduction video:

Hart van Zuid has two assignments for the students and the patchingzone:

  1. The first assignment is the production of the information center (as an excellence track of Architecture and later perhaps SMGAOK construction and renovation, possibly level 1 start college Albeda)
  2. The second assignment is mapping the information requirements by the local residents and mapping through which channels this information should be shared with the residents around the Zuidplein.

Since the kickoff the excellence students and the intern’s from Human technology (and of course the patchingzone) have been working very hard!