Rotterdam Viert De Stad

In January we started a new project, this time it is not a training assignment, but a project with a real client. Friday January the 8th we went to meet this client to see what we are going to work at.

This is a very exiting project where we will work with ProArtDesign on Rotterdam Viert De Stad! (Rotterdam Celebrates The City!) you should take a look at the website and introduction video of Rotterdam Viert De Stad and see what will happen in the upcoming year. And when you see the gigant baby at the Schouwburgplein you’ll think of us, because the Patchingzone’s students will facilitate the images on the baby.

During the meeting with ProArtsDesign we got a quick look in to the kitchen of this project. We could see the software, the hardware and even more exiting, we saw the baby!


IMG_1751     IMG_1736

So as you can see, we are prepared and looking forward to start this project with ProArtDesign. And to show how, in the eyes of Zadkines students, Rotterdam will look like in 75 years. Keep checking in on our blog and you can follow this project!