Mediawharf is the praxis studio for MBO Techniek College, Zadkine and Albeda College the technical vocational school for, among other, Human Technology, Construction and engineering in Rotterdam. Mediawharf was founded in 2012 in collaboration with The Patching Zone. The core of Mediawharf are real practice assignments which are translated into challenging and meaningful learning tasks. In Mediawharf students and teachers work as peers together with the private sector, socitialĀ  organisations, young professionals and experts from The Patching Zone in the realisation of real-life projects.

This year we work on the next phase of practical implementation of Mediawharf. This school year teachers, students, local businesses, young professionals and experts of The Patching Zone work together to realise projects in areas such as healthcare & technology, automation, manufacturing industry and new crafts, the Internet of Things and sustainable construction.

We work together in a trans-disciplinary team on research, developing concepts and building physical prototypes and works.The Patching Zone makes a deliberate distinction between the terms trans and multi disciplinary. Unlike multi-disciplinary work processes where each team member sticks to his or her own discipline, in a trans-disciplinary project participants cross over the boundaries of their discipline.

The Patching Zone team works according to an co-creation approach with the Human Technology teaching department at the Zadkine, together with them we co-create innovative and yet sustainable vocational education.

To get to know a bit more who is in the team and what we do, please check the team page or read the introduction posts.